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$9,990/ One Time

Monthly Digital Citizenship

$1,990/ For 36 Month*

Time to Digital Citizenship

30-90 Days

Visa-Free Travel

127+ Countries

*Purchase using Digital Tuvaluan Dollar (DTVD)

Tuvalu Decentralized Digital Citizenship

Earth’s smallest country taps The Digital World to become the first Digital Nation and preserve Its culture & future utilising decentralized technology . Tuvalu is an island nation in the South Pacific that is the first nation in the world to offer a fully Decentralized Digital Citizenship by donation program.

With more than 1,000,000 square kilometers in size, Tuvalu is tucked in the same corner of the earth as Aotearoa (New Zealand), Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Vanuatu.Tuvalu feels like an undiscovered tropical paradise. While many Citizenship By Donation programs are active in countries, none are truly decentralized. Continue reading to learn more about each decentralized service provided.

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Tuvalu International Drivers Permit

The Tuvalu International Driver's Permit allows you to drive a vehicle in most countries, in some regions you many also want a valid driver's license issued by your local region where applicable. It is also recognized as a proper form of identification in over 162 countries and by many major car rental companies internationally.

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Digital Marriage License

Soon people will be able to register for marriage in the new decentralized Digital World. This new system will make it faster and easier for people to get married.

Digital Marriage Is The Future! The Digital World offers a cost-effective and simple way to tie the knot. Couples can apply for a marriage license, get married, and receive their marriage certificate without ever stepping foot in a government building.

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Digital Registration

The new Tuvalu Digital Nation has a new type of digital asset-backed economy which will allow Members, Residents, and Citizens to register their assets in the Digital World and enabled real-time transactions in just seconds not just to share your Digital Assets with other owners but enabled generation to generation transfer of assets and wealth.

Digital Organizations & Assets

Digital World empowers individuals to create and own their own organizations, (business, DAO’s, trusts, etc.) manage their digital assets, and be part of a global network of communities.

Build your Digital Payment

Digital ID is not only for the living. It also allows for Individuals to create an Identity for love ones who have passed on. This enables a truly complete and worldwide Identity system for the living and the dead. Now, loved ones have a place to store important documents safely and securely in a place where they will never be lost or destroyed.

Digital Land Management

A new secure, intelligent network that allows people to manage the buying and selling of homes and land without personal information like their names and mortgage being on display. Yet crypto-graphically proving real-time ownership.

Digital Dispute Resolution

Start a dispute with a simple scan and dispute summary explanation and be a part of the resolution process along with trusted Digital Arbitrators in private rooms for Digital World Members to help smooth the Arbitration process which is much simpler than the current clunky expensive process optimized features allow you to arbitrate with anyone, anywhere. Secure, encrypted, & private conference & presentation rooms! Share screens, records, transcriptions & so much more!

Digital Currencies

The Tuvalu Digital Nation would not be complete without it’s own simple Digital Tuvaluan Dollar that offers a safe, and convenient way to manage finances, and transfer money to family and friends, instantly. Digital Wallet handles all conversions including converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Pursuing Tuvalu Citizenship by Donation

Tuvalu provides visa-free travel to several countries, including the UK, Schengen Zone, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia & an e-visa to Australia and New Zealand.

No restrictions on dual citizenship.No minimum stay requirement.

Spouses, children, and dependent parents can be included in a single application. It is also possible to add on family members after the main applicant is granted Citizenship. Citizenship by descent to future generations.

Tuvalu has no income tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax.

Well positioned geographically for individuals looking to do business in the South Pacific.

It is the quickest way to secure Citizenship in the world today, and most applicants receive Citizenship approval within 45-60 days from the date of submission.

Every citizenship by Donation program must prove its worth to Digital Citizens.
Many citizens choose Tuvalu because of the many benefits it offers.

Digital Citizenship by Donation Factsheet

The Digital & Physical Citizenship by Donation Program

  • Digital Nation Index

    Ranked #1

  • Corruption Index

    Ranked #4

  • Happiness Index

    Ranked #9

  • Capital


  • Continent


  • Sea

    Pacific Ocean

  • Currency


  • Visa-free countries


  • Population


  • Total Sea Area

    1,000,000 Km2

  • Total Land Area

    26 Km2

  • Language

    Tuvaluan, English

Visa-free travel with a Tuvalu Passport

Please note that visa-free Schengen access is temporarily suspended but expected to resume in 2023. Tuvalu passport holders can still access Schengen but must obtain a Schengen visa in advance. Tuvalu remains a widely popular option among investors but if you are looking for visa-free travel to Schengen, then please consider the other citizenship programs listed on our website

  • 135

    visa-free countries

  • 10 years

    visa to the United States
    (B1/B2 visa required)

Why Tuvalu?

The untethered access to Taiwan, United States, Australia, and New Zealand is an incredibly unique feature of the Tuvalu Citizenship by Development Program. Due to its proximity to these well-respected nations, Tuvalu is never hard to settle into if passport holders decide to move to the island nation. There is a healthy tourism sector and agriculture sector in Tuvalu and since it is a newer program, it does not feel overcrowded or too concentrated with people.

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