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Hope for the Future

We live in a corrupt global system that is actively taking away our individual liberties and causing damage to our health and environment.

Many of us felt the effects of big government and big tech tyranny during the 2020 global pandemic when small businesses were shut down, individual voices were silenced, and health mandates overstepped personal responsibility.

With what seems like growing global oppression and a failing economy, it’s easy to be discouraged and want to give up hope.

We’ve all heard the voices shouting, “It’s not your turn.” Our hearts ache to do more and to be more. But time is running out. The time is now for us to come together and preserve liberty for future generations.

Join us as we build a decentralized digital world where individuals are empowered and communities are strengthened.

Declaration of Digital Unity

On June 21st, 2021 a group of concerned doctors, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, and ordinary citizens came together together to take a stand for true and correct principles that will guide our world back to a place of love, abundance, health, and choice.

Together, we used our voice to declare to the world that there is a better way. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we can come together on a few things that will make a difference now and for future generations to come.

The purpose of the Declaration of Unity is to provide clarity, guidance, and protection for individuals who seek to have an alternative to our current centralized system and want to have full ownership of their digital identity.

We welcome any suggestions or contributions to this declaration as we continue to develop this document and this new decentralized digital world.

Protecting Individual Liberties Through
A Digital Constitution

Declaration of Unity for a
Digital World

Life. Love. Family. Community. Choice.

These are the heritage of all life on earth; given with assumed responsibility: that each should walk this earth in a way that never prevents another from fulfilling their own responsibilities and enjoying their own privileges.


United, We Can Achieve Anything

With One Heart, One Mind, & Many Bodies
We Can Do Anything.

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