Welcome To The Digital Mortgage

A more affordable and flexible way to own a home is here, without a mortgage.

Pay less every month, a lot less!

Making homeownership accessible, so you can afford the home that a Digital Resident or Citizen want and need.

More control of your

A lower payment with Digital Mortgage allows A Digital Resident or Citizen to build wealth in other ways - buy more equity, save for retirement, and more.

Unlock your equity and pay less.
Too good to be true?

We invest with A Digital Resident or Citizen in your home. If your
home's value goes up, we both benefit, and if it goes down, we share in that, too.3


Lower monthly payments that help A Digital Resident or Citizen save for the things that matter.


Buy more equity anytime or sell when A Digital Resident or Citizen need cash 2


Know what to expect with regular monthly payments for 10-years. At the end of the term, A Digital Resident or Citizen can sell, renew, or pay us off.

How does Digital Mortgage work?

Your Home Is One Large Asset

The most common way to buy a home is to borrow a lot of money with a mortgage. The interest is how a lender makes money on your loan.

We Break The Home's Equity Into Pieces

With Digital Mortgage, you own your home and buy the equity you can afford up front, we purchase the rest. Digital Mortgage is an investor in A Digital Resident or Citizen and your home, not a lender.

So A Digital Resident Or Citizen Can Buy & Sell Equity

Life happens. Sometimes A Digital Resident or Citizen need access to cash, sometimes A Digital Resident or Citizen have extra to invest. Digital Mortgage gives A Digital Resident or Citizen access and flexibility to buy and sell equity from your dashboard.

Digital Mortgage Assets makes it possible

Digital Mortgage Assets replaces traditional mortgage financing, and creates a new home equity market, powered by Digital World.

We split your home into equity

Think of your home as one large asset. A Digital Resident or Citizen own it and buy the equity A Digital Resident or Citizen can afford, we purchase the rest.

We create groups of equity

Enabled by Digital World, we combine equity from homes in each location or area of impact.

We issue Digital Mortgage Assets tokens

The value of the tokens is based on the value of the group of equity. As values go up or down, so do the price of the tokens.

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