The Future of Digital Identification

Digital World ID card means we never have to worry about the security of our information again. Digital World ID cards are stored on a decentralized network to keep our personal information from being compromised. Digital ID or ClearID is so much more then Decentralized ID also know as DID's.

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Why A Digital Identification


Imagine the ability to navigate in both the physical and digital world with privacy-centric identification.


We’ll have total control of the extent we share personal information with others.


The Digital World is more authentic and transparent, solving the problem of fake and stolen identities.

Digital Passport

A Digital Passport will establish our identities in the Digital World. These documents will allow us to quickly and easily access services, data, and value-exchange mechanisms in the Digital World.

Build Your Digital ID & Payments

Digital ID is not only for the living. It also allows for Individuals to create an Identity for love ones who have passed on. This enables a truly complete and worldwide Identity system for the living and the dead. Now, loved ones have a place to store important documents safely and securely in a place where they will never be lost or destroyed.

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